Beware of the Wart: 3 Ways to Get Rid of Your Kids’ Warts

Get Rid of Your Kids’ WartsWarts are an annoying part of childhood. Caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV, it’s not always easy to protect your children from getting warts— especially because they spend a lot of their time in a crowded classroom or on a dirty playground. If your little one has started to get warts, they can sometimes not only be a nuisance, but they can be painful as well. From at-home treatments to having them frozen off from Skin & Laser Surgery Center, this article will discuss three ways that you can get rid of your kids’ warts. Read on to learn more.

Over-the-Counter Remedies

If you walk down the band-aid aisle at your local drugstore or pharmacy, you are bound to run into a few over-the-counter wart treatments that will help to get rid of your child’s warts. Available in pre-medicated bandages or a liquid that you paint on, these wart fighting medications use salicylic acid to help soften the wart and then dissolve them. However, for these treatments to work, your child has to use them correctly and on a consistent basis. When using any over-the-counter treatment, make sure that your child applies it directly to clean skin— if their skin is dirty, it won’t work as well.

In-Office Remedies

If either your child is too lazy to use an over-the-counter medication or their wart problem is a little out of control, come into Skin & Laser Surgery Center. Upon being evaluated, we can either freeze or scrape off your child’s warts. When freezing them, a numbing injection will be placed directly into the wart so that they won’t experience pain. Called cryotherapy, freezing warts off involves using nitrous oxide. After a few days following the cryotherapy, your child’s warts will fall off.

Exercise Preventative Measures

Another great way to get rid of warts and keep them off is to teach your kid good hygiene habits. For instance, encourage your children to wash their hands after playing on playground equipment or when they get home from school. By helping your child to stay germ-free, you can protect them against warts.

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