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Dr. Khatri is amazing. He is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience as a doctor. He has traveled all over the world which has exposed him to a wide variety of clinical studies. He’s an expert in his field and is very professional. The staff is very friendly & attentive. Beautiful office, very clean.

Dear Dr. Khatri, Thank you for your consistent care and professional attitude you provide to your patients. The visits to your office are always filled with laughter and humor, and that helps the pain disappear faster. Your kindness and highly qualitative level of service are appreciated more than words can describe.

Dear Dr. Khatri, I want to thank you again for the fine laser work you did on my hands. I have many wrinkles and sun’s spots on myself, but the dark markings on my hands seemed to bother me the most… go figure. No when I look at my hands, I feel so much better, thanks to you.
With gratitude, Nancy

I highly recommend Dr. Khatri at Skin and Laser Surgery Center and his team. Dr. Khatri has treated and took care of my skin cancer over many years. Thank you Mr. Khatri I feel I am in good hands.

I’ve been coming to the center for almost a year now, and I wanted to write a review. I highly recommend Katia Bottine, Medical Aesthetician. Katia is very professional and knowledgeable, and she is also super sweet and makes you feel at home since the moment you enter the center. I’ve been dealing with acne for the last 20 years and because of Katia, I finally feel like I’m improving. Getting treatments with her has been the only thing that has worked! I couldn’t be more thankful.