Back-to-School Skin Care Tips For Your Pre-teens and Teens

Skin Care Tips For Your Pre-teens and Teens

Skin Care Tips For Your Pre-teens and Teens

If there is one thing to know about puberty, it’s that it can cause a host of issues including acne. If you have pre-teens or teenagers who suffer from acne, then they may feel a little bit self-conscious about going back to school this year. To help them feel more confident in their skin and get rid of bacteria, we have a few tips for them.

Get face wipes

It can be hard enough for teenagers to prioritize brushing their teeth but washing their face is a whole other game. But, because excess oil and bacteria on the skin can lead to more acne breakouts, washing their face is a must. If you can’t see to get them to wash their face with warm water and face soap, then get them some face wipes instead. Althgouh face wipes aren’t the same as washing your face with soap and water, they do come pretty close. Plus, if your teen plays sports, they can use wipes after every practice or game to get rid of excess oil and sweat.

Get Better Skin care Products

Back-to-school shopping is all about getting a new wardrobe, but if your child doesn’t have clear skin, even the best wardrobe will leave their self-esteem feeling deflated. Before school starts, schedule an appointment with one of our medical estheticians to discuss what skincare products your child should be suing to get rid of their acne. Because skin care products take at least a few weeks to kick in, the sooner you get your child on a skin care regimen, the better.

Get Into Better Habits

Kids can pick up a variety of bad habits; especially during their teen years. If your kid is constantly touching their face throughout the day, they are spreading the dirt and oil from their hands to their face, which can lead to more breakouts. Try to get your kid into better habits so that you cut down on their skin problems.

Cheer your teen up before they start school and help them get rid of their acne. To learn more about teenage acne, contact our Revere office and call us at (617) 381-1717.