3 Ways to Retrieve From Laser Resurfacing

retrieve from Laser ResurfacingLaser skin resurfacing can be used to treat a variety of skin problems ranging from uneven pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles. By heating up individual skin cells, laser resurfacing works to dissolve the damaged molecular bonds caused by the sun, age, and scarring— leaving you with a smoother, clearer complexion that will make you feel like a whole new person. As one of the most important parts of this procedure, however, it’s important that you know how to Retrieve From Laser Resurfacing. Read on to learn more.

Avoid the Sun

The sun is your skin’s worst enemy— especially after getting laser resurfacing done. Because your skin will be especially sensitive after a laser procedure, you will be more likely to burn and scar. Try to stay out of direct contact with the sun for about two weeks after your laser treatment. If, for some reason, you need to spend some time outside, make sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat that will cover all parts of your face.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

As your skin is healing from laser resurfacing, make sure to keep it hydrated with a gentle moisturizing cream or lotion. The more hydrated your skin is, the faster it will heal and the more comfortable you’ll feel. As a suggestion, try using an over-the-counter fragrance-free lotion like CeraVe or Cetaphil about two to three times per day.

Watch the Products

If you normally use an anti-aging skin cream with ingredients like retinol and hyaluronic acid, they may irritate your skin right after laser resurfacing. Try to just use basic skincare products without those added ingredients for about two weeks afterward.

Recovering from laser resurfacing is fast and easy— as long as you use the tips listed above. If you would like to learn more about laser resurfacing or to schedule a consultation appointment contact Skin & Laser Surgery Center today!