How to Spot an Abnormal Mole

Mole/Growth Removal Nashua NH | BostonChecking your body for skin growths and abnormalities requires a lot more work than checking yourself out in the mirror— although, admittedly, a lot less fun and flattering. However, because you are the person who is most familiar with your body, it’s important that you do this at least a couple of times per month. So, how can you spot any abnormal mole and what are things to look out for? This article will discuss how you can distinguish between what is normal and what is worth visiting a doctor.

Multiple Colors

The average mole is typically a shade of brown. When checking for an abnormal mole, however, look for one that is multiple colors. For instance, does your mole have red, black, brown, and tan in it? If it has multiple colors, this could be indicative of skin cancer.


All moles aren’t created equal. In fact, no mole is perfectly round. However, your moles should be fairly symmetrical. If you have started to notice that one side of your mole is vastly different than the other side, this means that they’re asymmetrical which is an abnormality.

Jagged edges

Most moles are smooth around the edges. If your moles have jagged or scalloped edges around them, then this is another indication of an abnormality.

Use Your Senses

In addition to visually inspecting your body for new growths and abnormalities, we also recommend that our patients rub their hands across their body— this will help to spot moles that are more elevated or have bumps on them.

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One of the best things you can do is give yourself skin examinations. By using the tips above, you can catch any forms of skin cancer before they get worse. To learn more about how you can take better care of your skin, contact Skin & Laser Surgery Center today!