3 Causes Hyperpigmentation

Age Spots/Sun Damage Nashua NH | 3 Causes Hyperpigmentation3 Causes Hyperpigmentation know about them on Skin & Laser Surgery Center. Having the perfect complexion can sometimes feel like something that is unattainable— especially when it comes to getting rid of hyperpigmentation. If it seems like you have to wear more and more makeup to cover the redness on your skin, then it may be time to consider a hyperpigmentation treatment from Skin & Laser Surgery Center. But first, let’s take a closer look at a few common causes of hyperpigmentation.


Getting a pimple is a big pain, but the aftermath can be even more annoying. That red, inflamed, mark on your skin after your pimple goes away is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH. The good news is that it should go away on its own, but the bad news is that it will take time— up to two years for some patients. Luckily, we can help speed up that time and give you clearer skin.


If you are going through drastic hormonal changes like pregnancy, puberty, or menopause, then you may notice more hyperpigmentation in your skin. Although your hyperpigmentation should subside on its own, we may have some treatments that can help you get rid of it faster.

Sun Damage

One of the leading causes of hyperpigmentation is sun damage. With summer just around the corner, you are likely going to be spending more and more time soaking up the sun and in the outdoors. And although Vitamin D can be good for you, too much can cause further skin damage and hyperpigmentation. Make sure that you are covering up with either a large brimmed hat or sunscreen.

Schedule a Consultation

During your initial consultation with our office, we will conduct a brief skin evaluation and then help determine what hyperpigmentation treatments will be best for you. To learn more or to schedule your consultation, contact our Nashua office today and call us at 603.886.5506.