When to Consider Getting a Mole Removed

Mole/Growth Removal Nashua, NHHaving freckles or moles on an inconspicuous part of your body is one thing, but having a mole somewhere such as your face or neck is another. Luckily, here at Skin & Laser Surgery Center, we can remove moles with cryotherapy, laser, or our unique laser technology called DermaSculpt. But, unless you are a skincare expert, you may not know when or even if you should consider having it removed.

It’s Cancerous

The most obvious reason to consider getting your mole removed is if it is cancerous. When trying to determine whether or not a mole is cancerous, The American Cancer Society suggests following the ABCDE rule:

  • A- Asymmetry: Check to see if your mole is symmetrical.
  • B- Border: Look at the edges of your mole. Are they ragged, blurred, or irregular?
  • C- Color: Cancerous moles are typically different colors including shades of black, brown, pink, red, white, or blue.
  • D- Diameter: The diameter is larger than the size of a pencil eraser.
  • E- Evolving: Monitor, your mole, to see if it is changing in size, shape, or color.

It Makes You Self-Conscious

Marilyn Monroe herself made poignant beauty marks stunning and attractive, but they can also do the opposite. If you have a mole that’s on your face or somewhere else that’s somewhat visible, it may make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable— especially if it’s particularly significant.

It’s a Nuisance

Depending on the location of your mole, it may get in the way of things or frequently get scratched and irritated. If your mole has started to seem like more of a problem than it’s worth, then it may be time to consider having it removed.

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