What Is Trusculpt ID and How Can It Be Used for Body Contouring Results?

Over the last ten years, the industry of medicine and aesthetic treatments has experienced rapid growth. Science now allows us to address excess fat and skin laxity with non-surgical alternatives. Many areas of medicine now use everything from laser light to ultrasound energy to treat areas of the body and improve body contours. With truSculpt ID, one of the latest body sculpting services, patients can tighten and tone specific areas that have excess fat cells present.

What is truSculpt ID?

With truSculpt ID, a doctor can utilize monopolar radiofrequency, or RF, energy. This energy penetrates deep into the skin, using a specific temperature controlled device that can be adjusted to the therapeutic temperature needed to target excess fat cells. In most situations, almost one-fourth of the fat cells in an area are damaged and then slowly removed through the body naturally over the course of several weeks.

Are results permanent?

Fat cells do not regrow, so once fat cells are damaged and flushed through the body, they will not return. However, this does not mean that the existing fat cells cannot grow in size. Because of this, the team of Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England encourages patients who undergo truSculpt ID to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and regular exercise. By staying active and eating right, patients can maintain their new body sculpted results for many years to come, avoiding the growth of the current fat cells.

Is truSculpt ID safe?

Our doctors are well-educated on the application of truSculpt ID to treat various areas of the body. We are also well aware of how effective radiofrequency energy can be at targeting unwanted fat. This treatment has been cleared and approved by the FDA and provides safe, noticeable results!

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