Four ways to combat dry, dehydrated skin

ways to combat dehydrated skin

ways to combat dehydrated skin

At Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England, patients in the areas of Chelmsford, Revere, and Nashua can obtain comprehensive skin care solutions. Additionally, patients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts often struggle with dry and dehydrated skin during the harsh winter months. Our providers can educate patients on ways to keep their skin moisturized and keep dry, itching skin from developing. Below are four ways to combat dry winter skin:

  • Moisturize regularly. Skin can get extremely dry during harsh weather, so it is more important than ever to moisturize several times a day. For severe dryness, thick moisturizers such as Cetaphil and Eucerin will provide better relief. It is also best to moisturize immediately after getting out of the bath or shower to lock in the hydration.
  • Limit bath and shower time. In addition to moisturizing after showers and baths, it is critical that these activities are done quickly and with warm water, not hot water. This is because hot showers can remove natural oils from the skin that can keep it hydrated.
  • Utilize a humidifier in the main living spaces of your home. Humidifiers help add moisture to the air and are an affordable and effective way to combat dry skin. Consider using a humidifier in your office at work if you deal with dry air there as well. Forty hours a week in a dry environment can wreak havoc on the skin.
  • Choose skin-friendly fabrics. When shopping for clothes, pay close attention to the fabrics you are putting against your skin. Consider more natural fibers such as cottons and silks which allow skin to breath. Remember to wash clothes with detergents free from dyes and perfumes, as this can further create irritation of the skin.

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