Reduce unwanted fat without surgery using truSculpt®

Reduce unwanted fat with truSculpt | Skin Laser Surgery Center

Reduce unwanted fat with truSculpt | Skin Laser Surgery Center

Patients of New Hampshire and Massachusetts who are interested in discussing personalized body sculpting are advised to work with the team of professionals at the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England to discuss a variety of solutions that are available, including that of the popular treatment TruSculpt.

What is TruSculpt?

TruSculpt is a treatment developed to provide nonsurgical fat reduction and removal for men and women. This is one of many services available in our facility, and is an advanced solution that can provide amazing results! TruSculpt utilizes monopolar radio frequency energy that penetrates into the skin and targets unwanted fat cells on specific areas of the body that are not affected by traditional methods of removal such as diet and exercise. TruSculpt does not cut into the skin, but instead penetrates the monopolar radio frequency energy deep beneath to target fat cells and destroy them. This treatment is well-tolerated and comfortable for many of our patients, and provides gradual, natural-looking results. In fact, most patients who undergo TruSculpt treatment will see a reduction of fat by up to 24% with routine sessions.

Who is a candidate for TruSculpt?

Patients who are already following strict diet and exercise and have been unable to treat specific areas of the body where fat resides are typically the best candidates for treatment. These patients should be within an appropriate body weight for their height and should be interested in body sculpting improvements. TruSculpt is not a weight loss solution, but a contouring alternative to plastic surgery solutions such as liposuction and tummy tucks.

Are the results of TruSculpt permanent?

Once fat cells are destroyed, they are not naturally replenished by the body. Patients who maintain their weight after TruSculpt treatment will notice the results are permanent. This doesn’t mean that the existing fat cells cannot grow in size, so continuing with proper health and nutrition is key.

Call the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England to discuss TruSculpt treatment

Patients of Nashua, Revere, and Chelmsford are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with one of our experienced professionals to determine if they are appropriate candidates for TruSculpt therapies. We welcome new and existing patients into our facility.