3 Unique Ways to Get Your Pre Baby Skin and Body Back

Laser Treatments Nashua, NH | 3 Unique Ways to Get Your Pre Baby Skin and Body BackStretch Marks

How can you get your pre baby skin and body back. You saw your body stretch in more ways than you probably knew were possible during pregnancy and labor, which may have left you with more than a few stretch marks to show for it. Although some women’s stretch marks naturally fade on their own, we can use either pulsed dye laser or fractional laser to help you get rid of your stretch marks.


If you didn’t get any cellulite during pregnancy, then you deserve a serious pat on the back. Cellulite, which is primarily genetic, can be caused by a variety of different things including hormones during pregnancy. Although some cellulite can go away on its own, if you still have a lot of cellulite that’s not ready to say goodbye yet, then we may recommend our procedure that combines lasers, light sources, radio-frequency, massage, suction, etc. to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Melasma or Pregnancy mask

If you got melasma while you are pregnant and it’s just not fading on its own, then we may recommend one of our treatments. Depending on how severe it is, we may recommend an over-the-counter cream like Hydroquinone, laser resurfacing, skin lightening creams, or chemical peels.

One thing that many women are unaware of before pregnancy is just how much of an impact pregnancy can have on their skin. If you were pregnant and suffer from cellulite, stretch marks, or melasma, schedule an appointment at one of our offices and call us at (617) 381-1717.