How to Get Rid of Circles Under Your Eyes

Get Rid of  Dark CirclesIf it seems like no matter how much concealer you apply and how much sleep you get at night that you still can’t get rid of those dark circles under your eyes, you are not alone. Caused by environmental factors, age, and even genetics, these circles under your eyes can make you look a lot more tired than you are. Luckily, we at Skin & Laser Surgery Center have created a brief guide with a few tips to help you get rid of these circles once and for all. Read on to learn more.

Laser Resurfacing

Here Skin & Laser Surgery Center, we specialize in a variety of laser treatments including laser resurfacing. By targeting the skin around and under your eyes, laser resurfacing works to improve the overall appearance of the eyes, leaving you with not only less visible circles but fewer fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Stop Dehydration

One of the biggest culprits of dark circles under the eyes is dehydration. To help rehydrate your skin and lose those dark circles, make sure that you’re not only drinking enough water every day (64 ounces on average) but that you are adding moisture directly back into the skin. To do so, we encourage our patients to use a moisturizing under eye cream and also to try placing cucumbers over their eyes before bed every night. The hydrating capabilities of both of these treatments will help restore the moisture to the skin under your eyes and help you feel better again.

Schedule a Consultation

Nobody wants to wake up and see two eyes with dark circles on them staring back. However, if this is your reality, we at Skin & Laser Surgery Center can help you get rid of those nasty circles once and for all. With a combination of laser resurfacing and the proper hydration, you will notice fewer circles and more beauty. To learn more or to schedule a consultation appointment, contact Skin & Laser Surgery Center today!