What to Know About Pregnancy Melasma

Melasma Nashua NHThere are many fears that women have during pregnancy. Is my baby healthy? Am I gaining too much weight? Will my hair fall out? And although the most valid concern is for the health and safety of you and your unborn baby, it’s also important to know what things are considered normal and what changes are ones to be alarmed about; including melasma.

Pregnancy melasma is a skin condition that causes pregnant women to develop dark blotches across their face and body during pregnancy. Although pregnancy melasma isn’t painful, sometimes it can be so poignant that it makes women feel self-conscious.

How Can I Get Rid of Melasma?

The good news about pregnancy melasma is that it typically subsides a few months after delivery. If, however, your melasma isn’t fading, we at Skin & Laser Surgery Center can use a combination of laser and skin bleaching agents to help lighten your skin and help you get rid of your melasma.

How Can I avoid it In the First place?

First things first, there’s no sure-fire way to avoid getting melasma during pregnancy. But, there are a few precautionary tips that we encourage patients to use. For starters, try to avoid spending too much time out in the sun— and because it’s the middle of December, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you do decide to soak up some rays, make sure that you are wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen.

In addition to avoiding the sun, make sure that you are using skin care products that are fragrance-free and that contain gentle ingredients. For instance, make sure that you aren’t using skincare that contains ingredients like retinol. Not only can Retinol be harmful to your baby but it can also increase your chances of burning in the sun.

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