How to Recover from Earlobe Repair Surgery

Earlobe Repair Nashua, NHRemember when gauged ears were really cool in the early 2000’s? And remember when you thought that gauged ears were a cool idea? Well, now that you’ve reached adulthood, you may be regretting that decision and thinking, “Why oh why, did I make that choice?” Even though we at Skin & Laser Surgery Center can’t erase all of your bad choices, we can certainly help correct a few; including your earlobes. During your earlobe repair surgery, we will use combined techniques such as sutures and laser to help repair your earlobes with minimal scarring. During surgery, we will ensure that everything goes smoothly but you may wonder how you can recover afterward.

Avoid Covering It

After you have earlobe repair surgery, your earlobes are undoubtedly going to be tender so we encourage patients to avoid wearing things like headphones, beanies, helmets, or anything else that will cover your earlobes during surgery. But, if you have to wear a helmet for safety then make sure you cover your earlobes with some cotton before you put it on.

Wear a Band-aid

When you go to sleep at night, make sure that you cover your earlobes with a band-aid or a cotton ball for the first few nights; the extra cushion and support will help you feel better and be able to get a better nights sleep.

Apply Ointment

Typically, we send patients home with some antibiotic ointment to apply to your earlobes after surgery. Although this may seem optional, we strongly encourage all of our patients to use it so that you don’t get an infection.

If you notice any sort of excess pus, redness, swelling, or pain near your earlobes after surgery, contact our office right away. If you have any questions about the recovery process at any point, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Schedule your earlobe repair surgery by contacting our Revere office at (617) 381-1717.