How to Get Rid of Redness: 3 Wives Tales to Never Fall For

 Get Rid of Redness

When it comes to Do It Yourself methods, we say that you should leave them to home decor and not to your skincare.

Want to get rid of redness but when it comes to Do It Yourself methods, we say that you should leave them to home decor and not to your skincare. If you suffer from redness and hyperpigmentation, you may have spent time scouring the internet for some DIY remedies to get rid of it. Our suggestions? Leave house ideas at home and come to our office. To make sure that you aren’t causing more harm to your skin, we have decided to list a few of the common wives tales about how you can get rid of redness.

#1: You Should Exfoliate Every Day

Exfoliating is one of the keys to having good skin, but it should definitely not be one every day. Inf act, we encourage patients only to exfoliate their skin two to three times per week; even if they have a lot of redness and hyperpigmentation. Too much exfoliation may make the redness worse, and it can dry your skin out which is not going to help get rid of hyperpigmentation.

#2: Icing Is Key

Icing is an all-natural way to ease inflammation caused by skin conditions like acne, rosacea, or even psoriasis, but if you just have hyperpigmentation, it’s not going to touch it. In fact, it may just sting your skin and make it look redder than it did before you started icing it.

#3: Hydrogen Peroxide Will Lighten Redness

Hydrogen peroxide is excellent at cleaning tools, getting rid of an infection, and it can even be used to bleach your hair, but it should not be used to lighten red skin. Old wives’ tales have people believing that since it can bleach skin and hair, that it can even out your hyperpigmentation, but it will just leave your skin damaged and looking splotchy (if it does anything at all). If you are going to rub anything on your skin, make sure that it’s an all-natural gentle facial toner which can help you get rid of dirt and oil (but not necessarily hyperpigmentation).

Don’t fall for these wives tales and instead let us help you get rid of your hyperpigmentation with one of our in-office procedures. To learn more, call our Nashua office and call us at (603) 886-5506.