How Miradry can combat hyperhidrosis

How Miradry can combat hyperhidrosis

How Miradry can combat hyperhidrosis

How effectively Miradry can combat hyperhidrosis? Men and women with  hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, may find it embarrassing to be in certain social situations where perspiration can make its mark—literally and figuratively. Patients with excessive sweating will often find themselves wearing clothing that is dark to avoid the appearance of sweat stains around the underarms, or constantly throw away clothing that has been stained. Patients with severe hyperhidrosis will find that traditional over-the-counter antiperspirants can’t control the amount of sweat and perspiration develop. Thanks to continued advances in technology, patients now have a solution to permanently address sweat glands in the underarms: Miradry.

What is Miradry?

Miradry is a revolutionary solution for patients with extensive hyperhidrosis. It works by treating the sweat glands underneath the arms to damage them, dramatically reducing underarm perspiration and odors. The treatment is permanent, provides immediate results, and offers a non-surgical solution to excessive sweating.

The treatment is performed right at our practice here at the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England. One of our trained and experienced professionals will prepare the area with a numbing cream for patient comfort. A specialized device is used in the area to administer thermal energy that both targets and eliminates sweat and odor glands, providing immediate results. These glands will not grow back, making the improvements permanent.

Don’t I need my sweat glands to maintain my body temperature?

The purpose of sweating is to regular body temperature. However, sweat glands appear all over the body, not just in the underarms. This treatment will still allow your body the opportunity to regular temperature, but do so elsewhere, eliminating sweat stains and odors from under the arms. This treatment is safe and FDA approved, making it the obvious choice for our patients.

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