How laser vaginal rejuvenation can improve your sexual health and satisfaction

laser vaginal rejuvenation

laser vaginal rejuvenation

Sexual satisfaction and incontinence issues are often topics of discussion that many women shy away from during their doctor visits. However, women should be open and honest about their vaginal concerns as many doctors have solutions to help. At the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England, our doctors are pleased to provide non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation services for consideration.

Vaginal rejuvenation with laser energy

Many areas of medicine use lasers to help with a variety of medical or cosmetic problems. Now, patients can use laser energy to rejuvenate their vaginal area. At the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England, our professionals have found that laser treatments such as  CO2RE Intima can provide many benefits, including the treatment of:

  • Urinary incontinence caused by vaginal atrophy
  • Changes to the vaginal canal after childbirth or during menopause
  • Sagging of the skins and tissues outside of the vagina
  • Reduced sexual satisfaction and ability to achieve orgasm
  • Stretched skin that may cause discomfort during certain activities
  • Reduced sensation during vaginal intercourse
  • Pain or dryness during sexual activity

What to expect during treatment

Women can relax on the treatment table while the special device is used to deliver laser energy into the vaginal canal. This device is shaped like a probe that is inserted and used to administer energy that stimulates collagen production and increases blood flow to the vaginal area. Over time, women will notice changes including tightened tissues, more sensation during sexual activities, and reduced incontinence concerns.

Are there other options available?

In addition to laser vaginal rejuvenation, our practice also offers minimally invasive surgical procedures such as labiaplasty that can be used to address excess skin and create symmetry to the vaginal area. If patients are not a good fit for CO2RE Intima, our team may suggest this procedure as an alternative.

Improved sexual health and wellness is just an appointment away!

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is growing in popularity as women see the results they can achieve with the help of our team. At the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of New England, patients can work with our professionals to find the most effective solutions for the skin and body, including laser treatments. Call one of our three convenient locations to learn more!