Gauging the Future: How to Fix Your Gauged Ears

Gauged Ears? Are you of the generation who thought it was cool to put more holes in your body than are naturally there? And are you of the generation who thought the bigger the holes the better? As a trending phenomenon that took over the early 2000’s, many individuals with gauged ears are now regretting their decision and are wishing they had never done so. If you fall into this category and would like to have your earlobes fixed, the experts at Skin & Laser Surgery Center can help do so with a corrective form of surgery. Read on to learn more.

How Are Earlobes Fixed?

If your earlobes are sagging due to having them gauged, then the experts at Skin & Laser Surgery Center can help to fix them by stitching them up. By removing some of the center tissue surrounding where your gauges were, the experts at Skin & Laser Surgery Center will then stitch the skin in the ear together in order to restore the original appearance of the ears. If your ears have lost volume afterwards, fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can be injected into your earlobes to help plump them up.

What Is Recovery Like?

Because only a local anesthetic will be applied to your skin before surgery, recovery is fairly simple. And after about 6-8 weeks of healing, you can even get your ears pierced once again. During recovery you will have to refrain from getting your ears pierced, wearing any sort of earrings, or placing a lot of undue pressure on your earlobes themselves.

What Are Results Like?

As the most anticipated question of all, you are likely wondering what your results will be like? Will you have a giant scar for the world to see? Will everyone and their mom be able to tell that you once had your ears gauged? Depending on a few factors, including your skin tone and type, you may have more scarring than some.

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