Eat Smart: The Art of SmartByte

SmartByte Weight Management System | Skin & Laser Surgery Center If you are practically counting how many situps you’ve done and how many calories you’ve eaten even in your sleep, it may be time to get some help with your weight loss routine. Sometimes, diet and exercise alone aren’t effective at helping individuals lose or keep weight off. Luckily, here at Skin & Laser Surgery Center, we offer a new way for patients to curb their hunger and lose some lb’s in the process without having to undergo surgery. How is this possible? Learn more about Art of SmartByte.

What Is SmartByte?

People often eat too quickly and too much before ever feeling full which results in people consuming more calories than their body needs. SmartByte is a small, customizable device that you place on the roof of your mouth while you’re eating which helps you take smaller bites, chew thoroughly, and eat at a slower rate. The result?  It helps your body take the time it needs to feel fuller without as much food— essentially retraining your body on how to eat.

What Makes SmartByte Unique?

For starters, SmartByte is the first FDA cleared wearable to help you lose weight. The Smartbyte weightloss system technology is three fold and uses the combination of proprietary medical technology, behavioral science, and digital intelligence.

  • Proprietary Medical Technology: Because it’s been cleared by the FDA, patients can rest assured that SmartByte is not only smart but that it’s effective as well.
  • Behavioral Science: SmartByte works to change your relationship with food and how you consume it. With a combination of the device, a phone app, and personal coaching, patients develop a healthier approach to the way they eat.
  • Digital Intelligence: Another thing that separates SmartByte from other weight loss devices is that the App is the only digital platform that integrates eating behaviors with real time weight loss results.

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