Want to Wear that LBD to a Holiday Party? Consider Sclerotherapy or Laser

Sclerotherapy Nashua, NH | Laser Treatments Boston MAHas that little black dress (LBD) practically been calling your name from the closet? With the holidays just around the corner, there is no better excuse to slip into it than a big holiday party. But, if you suffer from varicose veins, the last thing you may want to show off is your legs. Let us at Skin & Laser Surgery Center help you feel confident to get into that LBD before the holidays with options for Sclerotherapy or Laser.

There are a variety of different treatments that can be used to treat varicose veins. Here at Skin & Laser Surgery Center, we use sclerotherapy and laser to treat varicose veins.


Sclerotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting a saline solution directly into the veins which in turn causes the veins to permanently collapse and ultimately disappear.

Sclerotherapy can typically be done in less than an hour, and most patients experience minimal to no discomfort during the entire thing. Depending on how many veins you have and how big they are, will determine just how long it should take on average.

Laser Treatments

If you have thicker varicose veins, our doctors may recommend that you go with a laser treatment instead. By inserting a catheter directly into the vein, the endovenous laser treatment works to pass laser fiber through the veins which ultimately causes them to collapse.

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During your initial consultation with our Skin & Laser Surgery Center office, we will go over all of your options and help you determine what one is best for you. To schedule your consultation , call one of our offices at (617) 381-1717 today!