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How to Fight Aging Skin

One of the most common concerns that our patients face have is how to Fight Aging skin. If you have noticed an increase in fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, and a decrease in collagen, then it may be time to come into Skin & Laser Surgery Center for a skincare consultation. During your consultation,… Read More »

IPL For Sun Spots: 3 FAQs Answered

Unless you have lived your life indoors or under a literal rock, then you likely have a little bit of sun damage or sun spots on your skin. And although freckles are cute, sun spots can make your skin look a bit older than you may want it to; that’s where IPL comes into play.… Read More »

3 Myths About Laser Treatments

Do you know 3 Myths About Laser Treatments? When lasers first hit the market, it seemed like the only ones talking about them were Dr. Evil and Austin Powers. However, lasers are used less as a threat these days and more as a way to enhance your overall health and appearance. Its always Here at… Read More »

How Micropigmentation Can Change Your Life

In 2017, large, dark, eyebrows were all the rage, and lucky for you, that trend isn’t going anywhere in 2018. If, however, you have thin eyebrows that you just can’t seem to grow in— thanks to your overplucking in your highschool days— then you may want to consider getting micropigmentation done. And although micropigmentation can… Read More »

How to Get Rid of Circles Under Your Eyes

If it seems like no matter how much concealer you apply and how much sleep you get at night that you still can’t get rid of those dark circles under your eyes, you are not alone. Caused by environmental factors, age, and even genetics, these circles under your eyes can make you look a lot… Read More »

How to Start Living Freckle Free

As an adult, there are more than a dozen things you did when you were twelve that you just wouldn’t do now. Whether it’s toilet papering the boy’s house you like or laying out in the sun with tanning oil, there are some things that just aren’t considered to be kosher as an adult. If… Read More »