5 FAQs About Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Nashua NHThere are some things in life— like those pants you wore in highschool— that fade with fashion. However, there are other things in life, like that tattoo of your ex-girlfriend’s face, that feels a little more permanent— but they don’t have to be. Luckily, here at Skin & Laser Surgery Center, we offer laser tattoo removal to help patients get rid of these practically permanent mistakes and move on with their lives.

We’ve gathered a list of some of our most frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal to help you decide if you think it’s the right fit for you.

FAQ 1: How long Does It Take?

Unfortunately, tattoo removal isn’t a one and done type of procedure— it takes time. Because your skin needs a week or two to heal in between each session, the process may take a little longer than you initially anticipated.

FAQ 2: How Many Treatments Are Required?

Depending on the size, location, and colors of your tattoo will help us determine just how many sessions you will need. On average, large tattoos require about ten sessions, and medium-sized tattoos require about 6-8 sessions.

FAQ 3: Does It Hurt?

Before we start the process, we will apply a numbing cream to your skin to help ease any pain or discomfort. On average, however, patients still experience a slight amount of discomfort, but it is tolerable. If you are experiencing a lot of pain at any time during your treatment, let us know, and we will try to make you feel more comfortable.

FAQ 4: What’s the Hardest Color to Remove?

When it comes to tattoo removal, not all colors are created equal. For instance, blue and black tattoos are easy to remove whereas green tattoos are one of the most difficult colors to remove.

If you have a tattoo that you just can’t stand, we have a solution for you: tattoo removal. Want to learn more about laser tattoo removal and whether or not it’s right for you? Schedule a consultation at one of our offices today!